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Hours: 8.00am to 9.00pm

Visit the Largest colony of Little penguins on mainland NZ. Our Conservation based tours are a wonderful way to support the Pohatu penguin colony and allow people an opportunity to really experience how these special little birds live. With a walk and talk around the penguin habitat you may have a close encounter as we monitor a penguin nesting site. Evening tours offer a chance to also see these birds undisturbed on the water and if lucky chilling out below our hides or climbing ashore , as well as many other coastal species. To get out there we pick you up in our 4WD mini bus in Akaroa and you will enjoy breathtaking views and commentary of our unique history as you go. We take the time for photo stops along the way of Akaroa harbor and the endless Pacific ocean.


Pohatu penguins is a 100% family owned and operated business offering unique nature tours and sea-kayaking safaris to the largest colony of Little penguins on mainland NZ with over 1250 breeding pairs. Conservation is at the heart of who we are and why we operate. We are very happy to share our family story and inspire anyone to do the same. It all started over 30 years ago and our passion to save the penguins and other native species still leads us. Don't wait and come on one of our small group tours. Operating by comfortable 4WD mini-vans of 6 to 9, all of our local guides would tell you stories of the area and share our passion.

No refunds within 24 hours of departure unless the Operator cancels the activity due to waterway road or weather conditions (a full refund would be then given). If a kayaking trip has to be cancelled because of an unexpected wind change or tsunami warning on arrival at Pohatu after the scenic 4WD van safari has been undertaken three options would be offered. An immediate return with a 50% refund and no further wildlife guiding can be expected to see penguins or other wildlife. Our Full Scenic Nature Safari same price same length of time as the sea-kayaking safari or our 2 hour Nature tour safari at $65.00 per person can be undertaken to see penguins and other wildlife. A $20 service charge applies to all other cancellation refunds.

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