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We're Lake Tekapo's newest dining option, serving damn good burgers + beverages. Order takeaways or stay and grab a beer with your meal


James Mackenzie is a legend around these parts. Such a legend, in fact, that the ground we stand on is named after him. The Scottish-born outlaw attempted his infamous heist in 1855, when Mackenzie and his faithful dog Friday stole a thousand sheep from a property in South Canterbury. After a week on the run, the pair were arrested… but not for long. With a wild mane of red hair and a fearless four-legged friend by his side, Mackenzie fled 100 miles to Lyttelton, where he was re-captured and sentenced to five years hard labour. The authorities should have known that iron chains couldn’t contain Mackenzie, who twice escaped from his road gang before being pardoned after nine months in custody. No one knows what happened to James Mackenzie and his beloved Border Collie after they sailed for Australia in 1856, but their legend lives on in this part of the world. And while the man himself subsisted on eels and wild berries while he was scampering around this corner of Canterbury, we’re offering some of our finest international flavours and local ingredients from across the Mackenzie Country. Enjoy!

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