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Porirua Town

The Park is suitable for all ages (from 1.40 metres tall), for everyone with a basic level of fitness, fabulous for families, birthdays, school groups, sports teams, corporate groups & team building. Adrenalin Forest is a great school holiday activity & perfect for 'Work Break Ups'. Adrenalin Forest Gift Vouchers are an exciting Christmas or Birthday present!!

We cater for individuals to large groups of 100+ people at the same time. You are given up to 3 hours on the course.

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Affordable, fun and challenging, the Adrenalin Forest is fast becoming the number one adventure tourism company in New Zealand.


High excitement, stomach churning and a great confidence builder. Test your skills by taking on an Adrenalin Forest aerial obstacle course.

Located among natural surroundings in Christchurch, Wellington, Bay of Plenty & Auckland.

Adrenalin Forest courses feature over 100 fun filled challenges across six levels. Each level is harder than the last, with obstacles starting at 1.5 metres above the ground that are suitable for a wide range of ages and fitness levels. To conquer the whole course and claim your bragging rights, you’ll be climbing, jumping and swinging at least 20 metres up in the air.

This isn’t just a test of your physical skills - each obstacle can be conquered in different ways, so you’ll be stretching your brain as well. Challenges include the Indiana jump, crossed logs, barrels, wrecking balls, a commando flying fox and Tarzan jump.

Nerves will definitely be tested, but the revolutionary Clic-iT safety system, which ensures a continuous connection to the safety line, will keep you safe at all times.

GoPro for hireTo capture your three-hour adventure in the treetops, we offer GoPro HD Camera hire on site.

In entering the park you agree to: - reading and signing the risk disclosure form - reading and accepting the Conditions of Entry & Safety Rules - attending a safety briefing - be in a reasonably fit and healthy condition

There are just two big rules: 1. Clipped in - You must be clipped in to the safety line by at least one safety device at all times. If you are not clipped in you could fall and get seriously injured perhaps fatally. 2. Consideration for others - Please act responsibly and courteously at all times so everyone has a good time. Please Understand That: 1. The activities in the park do involve risks and can result in serious harm or death if you do not follow the safety rules. 2. Our safety staff supervise from the ground. We provide participants with advice when required. 3. Children under 16 years must be actively supervised by a parent or guardian over 18. Active supervision means staying within eyesight of the participants and Adrenalin Forest safety staff. 4. The activities are ‘’challenge by choice’’. The pathways get higher and harder the further you go. 5. You must be physically and mentally able to manage your own safety and sustain a basic level of physical exertion and stress. 6. Our safety staff will remove participants from Adrenalin Forest for unsafe behaviour.

Height Restrictions: Minimum 1.40m - Full course

Time Allowed:

*You are allowed a maximum of 3 hours on the whole course.

*You are allowed to do each pathway once.

Clothing: You must be dressed appropriately for physical exercise in an outdoor environment. We recommend tightly fitting footwear which encloses the entire foot. Please tie your long hair back for safety reasons. Zipped up pockets if you want to carry items on them course.

Safety Equipment:

You must wear the safety equipment provided and fitted by Adrenalin Forest.

Please do not adjust or take off your safety equipment. If you do so it must be rechecked by Adrenalin Forest staff. You are not allowed to share any part of your safety equipment.

Safety Briefing and Training:

*You must attend the safety briefing before starting the course.

*Parents/guardians supervising participants under 16 years must also attend the safety briefing.

*You must satisfy our staff that you have understood all the safety procedures and are able to do the course safely.

*Then you are ready to go.

*Have fun and be safe.

*On the course only 2 adults at a time on a platform and 1 only on each activity. Only 3 children at a time on a platform and 2 on each activity. One at a time on each flying fox.

*Do not deliberately jump on platforms shake the wires distract or endanger other participants in any way.

*Do not leave a pathway before the end point without authorisation and assistance from an Adrenalin Forest staff member.

Due to weather conditions Adrenalin Forest reserves the right to close or modify the park operations at any time.

Thank you for your co-operation in making Adrenalin Forest a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Okowai Road, Porirua, Wellington, New Zealand


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